Subject: Re: Trip to China
Hi Susana, Lucy, Jo and everyone!

You are right, Jo - China Airlines is Taiwanese but their record isn't great. However, since they crashed after takeoff from Taipei in 2002 (killing 200+) - I bet they are meticulous about their safety standards now!!

As everything in China - Aiir China has been progressively getting more customer oriented over the past few years and they have a pretty good record for safety and customer-service. I'm not surprised that they didn't have English announcements etc. when Lucy flew 6 yrs ago sure that everything is now bi-lingual (if not tri-lingual).

I wouldn't hesitate to fly on either airline if the price was lower than other airlines.

Best, Judy in hot and muggy Hong Kong

ps. if you are interested in going anywhere else in Asia at the same time - don't forget to checkout Cathay Pacific's All-Asia Pass - the best deal around ( I don't get anything for plugging them ).