Subject: Re: London and Where Else???

When last in London, we took a six day trip through Cornwall. It was one of the best visits we've had to England. On our journey we stopped over in Wells and Bath and I would recommend both.

Wells is a lovely town packed with history. We stayed at The Swan Hotel which backs onto the green of the magnificent 12th century Wells Cathedral. It's a very old building - perhaps 15th century - so it's a bit creaky but the dining room was excellent and the proprietor (who lived in Canada for a while) was pleasant and knowledgeable about the area. Alternatively you could try White Hart Hotel, across the street from The Swan.

Here's a Wells site which includes information about the hotels. There is a train service known as the Cathedrals Express, which can get you to Wells, via Cranmore.

Bath is a lot bigger than Wells with beautiful Georgian architecture and, of course, the famous Roman baths. This is Jane Austen country. We also ate well in Bath. It's about 1-1/2 hours by train from London. Here's a Bath site:

Lucy, Toronto