Subject: Re: London and Where Else???
Hi Candice

I love Salisbury. You can visit the Cathedral, grounds, ruins, Wilton House, and the fabulous Cathedral Close with small but good museums.

There is a lovely inn by the river that I wish I had stayed in. The water meadows are nice, and there is also a nice old mill along the river.

Salisbury is very easy and quick to get to by train, quite nice for two or three nights (in which case I would bus to Winchester or Stonehenge or any of the good bus trips from Salisbury). Winchester is also nice, with great things to see, but two or three nights are better for Salisbury.

I liked Wells, too but didn't think accomodations were great, and it might be harder to get to by train.

You've been suggested a lot of cathedral towns. If they aren't your thing, Brighton might be. Also easy and quick by train.

I will follow your trip. I am a great fan of England, and would be going this year but for the prices.

Ciao Debbie in Pittsburgh