Subject: Haggis and other wonderful things to eat while traveling
Hello Tom and Ziners,

What do I not eat at home but have loved while travelling?


Horrified, in Thailand, as a Thai friend was piling them onto my plate. She meant to honour me but I was quickly wondering how I could get them off my plate! To my surprise, I found them to be good! Again, more recently, on British Columbia's Sunshine Coast (north of Vancouver) I heard a woman pounding something at the shoreline. She was standing ankle-deep in the water and bent over at her task. I walked over. She had no English. I later learned, from her adult daughter, that she was visiting from Korea. She offered an opened oyster to me. Other than the time in Thailand, I don't eat them. With gestures, I offered it back. No way. She was intent on giving this treat to me. I ate it. A light taste. Surely, fresh! Wonderful! I did enjoy a few more that day. (Yes, I've since learned that there was a health risk.) I still have no desire for oysters at home Linda London, Canada