Subject: Re: Shellfish (was Haggis)
Hello Tom, Donna & Bruce, Barbara and Ziners,

More on oysters - I've heard that the letter "r" is how some people decide if oysters are safe. Months that have the letter "r" in them -- means one is not to eat them. My feasting venture was last August. It really was a fabulous experience sharing food and kindness with the woman from Korea. I was on the plane coming back to Ontario, recounting my experience to one of the flight attendants. He said, "Haven't you ever heard of Red Tide?" I think I'm back off oysters, again. :)

Linda London, Ontario, Canada - where I've very much enjoyed the cooler weather but am preparing to enter Nevada's heat

Mod's note from (another) Linda: Better be safe than sorry! The "rule", as I heard it, was: oysters should _not_ be eaten in "r"-less months.