Subject: Re: Shellfish (was Haggis)
Greetings to all Ziners,

I'm mixed up now so I don't remember what whether the R is for the good months or the bad months. I grew up in Houston and was often at gatherings where oysters were served but was never adventurous enough to eat something that looked so unappetizing (as it did to me), though shrimp early on became one of my favorite things and still is.

Imagine my surprise when having a 5-course meal (which turned into 7) at the fabulous Marc Meneau restaurant in St. Pere, Fr., when "Fruits de la mer" turned out to be oysters on the half shell, beautifully presented, but oysters nonetheless. I knew that was "fruits of the sea," but just assumed it was the ones I like, such as shrimp, scallops and/or crab. Because the friend I was travelling with was a friend of Marc Meneau, we were getting special attention, and I felt I could not just leave them. So I courageously ate three of the four (large ones) and managed to keep them down. The waiter asked if I had not liked them, and I responded that they were delicious but I knew there was so much more of the meal to enjoy I was being cautious. That was in November, 1999, and I'm happy to say I had no ill effects, but there has been no danger of my eating oysters again.

Haggis????? I just don't go there.

Lou Matthews, Lakeway, TX