Subject: Re: Re: Shellfish (was Haggis)
Hello, Linda's and other Ziners,

The "other" Linda is correct... if you are in the northern hemisphere. One takes more of a chance eating shellfish in the warmer months, the months without the "r," because the food spoils more quickly. Of course, that "rule" is not to be followed by people in the southern hemisphere where one takes less of risk eating shellfish in the "r"-less months and beyond.

I must say, I love shellfish (and everything else.) And I still eat steamed mussels even though a plate of them from a local restaurant (in an "r" month) once sent me to the hospital about 15 hours later. Guess I didn't learn my lesson.

Now, as for rocky mountain oysters, that's a different story...

Carrie, where it's glorious here in Bardonia NY this weekend.