Subject: Frequent flyer change of plans question
Dear Ziners

I am hoping for some guidance on the best way to approach Bristish Airways for a change of flight plans.

My brother, Mark, and his fiancee, Kim, are currently holidaying in France. They managed to get their flights on Qantas frequent flyer points (a lot of saving to get there from Australia).

Kim's parents were holidaying separately in Italy. Last Sunday Kim's father died of a sudden and massive heart attack in a small village just outside of Sienna.

Mark and Kim drove to Sienna from the south of France to help with the formalities (very difficult in Italian when you don't speak it and in the village particularly - after 48 hours the case moved to Sienna and the Australian authorities were of some help). There was some nervousness also as to whether the insurance company might not deem a heart attack not covered because of a pre-existing condition but in fact they have decided to cover the case. Kim's father's body will be repatriated back to Australia.

The funeral will be next week. The flights that Mark and Kim are currently booked on will not arrive in time. (1 day late.)

Mark rang Qantas who said that while they would have been sympaythetic to a change in flights, they could not move them because the flights were with British Airways. Qantas also advised that they believed that BA would not under any circumstances shift flights once the journey had started.

Mark has asked me to ring British Airways from here in Australia to see if I could negotiate on Kim's behalf and perhaps his also.

I am seeking advice from Ziners as to how best to approach British Airways.

Mark and Kim have insurance. The insurance covers them for the death of an Australian resident relative in Australia. Given Kim's father was an Australian resident and his funeral is in Australia they may cover travel back for Kim if BA won't shift. But then again they may not since the fine print would appear to read otherwise.

It seems better to try for a shift in flight times first though the conversation may well run along the lines of the recent post on the price of pots of paint!

That both families were holidaying at the same time was only coincidence - they had no plans to meet up over in Europe though had seen each other just before departure to wish bon voyage.

Thank you in anticipation for any advice you may have.

Regards Anne Canberra, Australia