Subject: Re: Frequent flyer change of plans question
Hello Anne:

We fly BA quite often because we like their service. I had but one problem with BA due to an agent in Barcelona which really frosted me. BA recorded my comment and when a friend intervened he was told of my rather scatological remark. I actually received a written apology from BA. BA in England took care of the problem, refunded our air fare and I returned to flying on BA.

You should call BA, but when you do if you seem to get no where with the agent ask for a supervisor. Agents are often restricted as to what they can do; they usually have no discretionary authority. Supervisors, on the other hand, have a great deal of discretion as to what they can or cannot do. You should be courteous at all times and if the person with whom your are speaking is unable to address your wishes, politely ask for someone who can. Be firm.

Tom in Carlisle (but not in Canada).