Subject: Re: Shellfish (was Haggis)
Hi ziners, Just couldn't let this topic go on any longer without commenting .

"Fruits de mer" translates to "seafood," so it would have meant any kind of seafood. They should have added "les huitres," which is French for oysters.

This is from a CBS news story: "The oyster bacteria are found primarily in the Gulf during warm months because they don't tolerate cold water.

According to CSPI, restaurants and stores should not buy Gulf Coast shellfish that have been harvested from April through October unless they have been treated to kill the bacteria, and consumers should not eat raw oysters, clams or mussels unless they have been treated."

"Half the people who develop a blood infection from this bacteria die, making it one of the deadliest food borne illnesses." Charlotte Kristin, CSPI

So it looks like it's mostly the non-R months in which you shouldn't eat oysters -- May, June, July, August, since those would be the warmest months.

Diana, San Diego, California (On my way to Paris in 6 days!)