Subject: Re: Shellfish (was Haggis)
Ziners Toronto is home to two of the world oyster shucking champions, Rodney of Rodney's and Patrick of Starfish, both Canadian Maritimers. We have been forwarned by them not to eat oysters in a month WITHOUT an "R" (May to August). The reason? Oysters spawn in the summer and because of the effort and energy this takes, the oyster is not very tasty. Smart fishermen don't harvest the oysters during the spawning season anyway. So, according to this tale, it's not that you can't or shouldn't eat healthy oysters in the summer or that you'll get sick or die from eating one it's only that you'll find that you aren't eating them in their prime. Who knows the real story.

As for Haggis, I love the dish. Have had it many times and have always enjoyed it, most recently this past January to celebrate Robbie Burns Day. I'm fairly liberal in my eating habits but did draw the line at the chocolate covered insects (who knew what they were and who cared to ask?) in Oaxaca. Lucy, Toronto