Subject: Re: New member in Moncton, New Brunswick
Hi Mike & Nancy & Courtney from Monction,

I have fond memories of the friendliness of the Monctonians! About 12 years ago my late husband & I were traveling across Canada with Newfoundland as our final turn-around point. We stopped in Moncton to see the tidal bore (spectacular) & my husband, Orv, as a WW II vet & an American Legion member, liked to visit the Royal Canadian Legion Clubs for a little evening libation & congeniality. He spotted what he thought was the Legion club in Moncton & wheeled into the parking lot. I decided to stay in the van & have a quick nap but he proceeded into the club. The people all greeted him with Canadian hospitality & the bartender poured him a drink. Finally Orv said, don't you want to see my membership card & the bartender said, you don't have a card for this club. It turned out to be the club for retired Royal Canadian Railroad workers! But Orv talked about the hospitality all the way to Newfoundland & back. On our return 10 days later, I went in with him to meet these friendly people. We opened the door & were greeted with shouts of Here's our friends from Oregon, come on in. It's a lovely memory of Moncton.

Carol Bailey sunny Priest Lake, Idaho