Subject: Re: What to do in Omaha?
Dear Carrie,

I drove to Omaha so I don't know how well the public transit works. You can go to which has a good map of the routes. If you decide to rent a car it's not too hard to drive in Omaha, once you figure out the one way streets. Now,what to do.At the Zoo,if you go after 4 or 5 in the evening you can go back the next day free. I made myself sick when we went with the temp at 103 that day. Late July is going to be very hot and humid.Plan to take lots of water and inside breaks. Omaha has an excellent modern/abstract art gallery. It's small, but very good pieces. The old train station has been made into a train and Omaha museum,its near the old stockyard and a current farmer's market.(old)Downtown has a small riverwalk park and a big old fashion slide(free)that my niece and nephew kept wanting to go back to,people of all ages were going down or watching.Just a quiet midwest summer evening.All of the places are within 5 miles of the zoo and close to one another.Just get a good map and ask questions. If you have any other questions, just ask. Enjoy, Wilma from HOTTT K.C.