Subject: Frequent flyer change of plans success
Just to update you on my experience on behalf of my brother and his fiancee.

I rang British Airways. The operator was a little frustrated as I was the third caller she had had that morning which had been incorrectly referred by Qantas to British Airways for frequent flyer redemption changes on BA flights using Qantas points.

I was informed the last person was in tears and she, the operator couldn't do anything.

The operator however very kindly wrote a note against the booking so that I would not continue to get the run around between BA and Qantas. She summarised my story, wrote that BA could not change the flights and the matter needed to be handled by Qantas.

I then rang Qantas, pressed the relevant numbers for frequent flier change of international flight and was answered by a very very helpful operator called Katie. Katie read the notes and we discussed why the fine print of the insurance might not work (Kim's father was an Australian, died in Italy but would be buried in Australia - insurance was for Australian resident relative dying in Australia). Katie said she could not handle but undertook to talk to her supervisor. She and her supervisor agreed that Qantas would support the change in flights and send through a request to BA. Katie said that she would manage the case and that I could ring her back if I had any queries. She undertook to ring me back whether or not she had heard back from BA - she thought it would probably take two days for them to get back. She also checked flight availability and suggested these flights to BA.

Katie rang back the next day with flights from London to Sydney via Tokyo confirmed.

The cost is 5000 points penalty each plus taxes of $Aus 56.40 each - very cheap compared to the alternative.

Mark and Kim also have to make their own way to London and pick up their tickets from the Qantas office in Hammersmith in business hours exchanging their old tickets - the tickets are definitely not electronic!

Nevertheless we are very grateful for the flexibility given by both Qantas and Bristish Airways - the calmness, courtesy and willingness to help of both operators and the prompt response.

I had to follow up an issue with Katie and she also rang me back with further info as well as having tried without luck to get tickets Paris London.

It was a good experience in dealing with airlines for a situation which of course one would rather not be in.

Regards Anne Canberra, Australia