Subject: USA Roadtrip Planning Info
Hi Ziners! My husband & I are thinking of taking a roadtrip next spring to see more of the USA and visit friends up the Eastern seaboard. We'd be driving from Atlanta to the North Carolina coast, up the coast all the way to Maine (maybe) then cut over to Quebec (I have to get my European vacation feel!) then back home in some fashion, (perhaps through Amish country?). I've ordered every free vacation planner from each state we're likely to pass through and plan on reading those to see where we want to stop and what we'd like to see along the way. I have no idea how much time we need to allot to this type of trip or the best routes to take. I don't want to plan it too much but we need a rough idea of how much time to allow away from work. Does anyone know of a good website that would help in planning road trip routes? Once we narrow things down a bit, I'll ask for more specific info regarding places to stay and eat. :) Thanks in advance! Jennie in Atlanta (or as they are saying today HOTlanta)