Subject: Re: Galapagos

My husband and I sailed the Galapagos this past March for 1 week. It was part of our 1 month trip to Ecuador and Panama. We booked the ship through Sangay Touring in Quito, Ecuador and were very pleased with the services rendered by them though the owner, Martin Slater. The ship we chose was the Cachalote. She is a small sailing ship--97 feet long and carries only 16 passengers. She set her sails twice during the week which was a treat! The Captain and crew were very kind and we were blessed by having a class III guide by the name of Juan AKA Juanito! Our fellow travelers were a mixture of Europeans, US and Russia! Great group! The water was warm enough to swim and snorkel without the need of a wet suit! The excursions were wonderful and the on board cook/chef was fabulous! The seas were fairly calm. Most of the sailing is done at night when after a very full day everyone falls into bed preparing for the next morning's early wakeup. As an added note, my husband is very prone to sea sickness so we hooked him up with a Relief Band which he now will never be without! Lastly, everyone aboard noted that after the week was over we were all very happy that we chose a small ship. The larger ships (the largest allowed is 110 passengers) have a very different routing and do not go to the less visited islands. We visited 6 islands and landed 12 times and snorkeled every day! Many days it was only the 16 of us on shore or snorkeling!

Have a wonderful time! It's a trip you will never forget! Jane, Boca Raton