Subject: Re: Bullfights (was Visit to Spain)

We attended a bullfight about 30 years ago and, though I may not repeat the visit, I'm glad we went. It has been an integral part of Spanish culture with a long history. Your decision will largely depend on your viewpoint about the cruelty aspect.

Having said this, there is one key point to keep in mind. When buying your ticket you will be asked whether you prefer sol y sombre (sun or shade). The Spanish sunshine can be very strong and if you don't like to sit in the sun, you may want to buy a sombre ticket. Quite often, the bullfighter carries out his performance in the shade, presuming he won't like to work in the sun either.

Here's a site for the Sevilla corrida which includes details about sol y sombre as well as history and other general information about bullfighting.

Lucy, Toronto