Subject: Re: Interesting Way to access cash
Hello Spenders:

I would be reluctant to use Amex in any form in Europe. Because of its higher fees, the merchants do not like it. I have often found that when I produced my Amex card, the merchant would see my Visa or MC cards in my wallet and would politely ask if I would use either of them in place of the Amex card. While a preloaded Amex card may have security advantages, I would seek out a Visa or MC alternative.

The Europeans are not alone in this feeling. I have a friend who owns a couple of hotels and restaurants in the U.S. He got so sick of dealing with Amex and its fees, that he no longer honors Amex cards. I will use my Amex card from time to time while traveling, but its use is limited to business expenses that I may incur.

Tom in Carlisle