Subject: Re: Visit to Spain
Ziners, When we were in Spain in 2000 we had (and opted out of) the chance to see a bullfight (BF) in a small town. We just stumbled on it. The entire weekend was spent preparing for the event with the entire town cooking or readying children for a dancing/singing event or just being in the festival spirit. It was great! It all took place in and around the arena. The food was paella and roasted meats and young red wine. Most free or real cheap. We watched them prepare the Paella in a pan at least 12 feet around over an open fire, when it was done there was a mountain of rice, chock full of good stuff. It took hours to prepare and cook and minutes to dissapear. Meats roasting on spits or cut up and grilling. The spirit of community was terrific. The BF was in an ancient arena holding more than the local population (maybe 1500-2000 people total) If you can find a BF like that don't miss it. The events leading up to the BF were all traditional and exciting, most with children featured. The party went all night Saturday until 3 or 4 in the AM.

I cannot remember the town unfortunately. We opted out of the BF on Sunday because my wife, althouh not a vegetarian, is an animal lover. She could not imagine watching it. It is a very personal decision.

Happy Trails, David USA