Subject: Re: What to do in Omaha?
Hi, Debbie and Wilma:

Your suggestions for Omaha were just what I needed.

Debbie, I can't believe I didn't think of a little excursion on the Missouri River. I have done just that on the Mississippi at St. Louis on several occasions.

And when in Europe last month, we took boat rides on both the Thames and the Seine. Definitely just the prescription for a scorching summer day! I will be staying on the Council Bluffs side, so I'll try to see what that city has to offer, if time permits.

Wilma, I totally forgot how hot it can be in the Midwest in the summer. Thanks for reminding me. I don't wilt that easily, but I shall try to get to the zoo when it opens and see the indoor exhibits when the heat gets unbearable. My memberships in both the St. Louis Zoo and FOTZ (Friends of the Zoo, Kansas City) will get me free admission to the Henry Doorly through reciprocity. (Our youngest daughter lived in MO for fourteen years.) That big slide sounds interesting too - for observing, not participating. : )

Thank you from Carrie, Bardonia, NY, where the rain has stopped and we can finally put away the hip boots.