Subject: Re: A tip for travel photographers

A few words of wisdom.

First morning in town - in any major city - take a tour bus. Yeah, for the independent traveler, this is like advising a motorcycle racer to get a set of training wheels. Tacky in the extreme, like seeking out the Moscow McDonalds for food.

However, it is an extremely efficient way to get an overview of an unfamiliar area. The bus company knows the most efficient route to every major attraction, and stops long enough to get the cliché shot that the editor wants to see, even if it does not get used. Not even the most jaded travel shooter on a first visit, should leave Paris without a shot of the tower, New York without the statue, or Rome without the coliseum. In one day you got 'em all. The guide saves you days of digging through travel literature for information on the sights.

Furthermore, it will familiarize you with getting around the city. Finally, while touring with the bus, you can make a list of places you want to return to and spend the time getting shots of greater depth. While others may consider it just tooooooo touristy to even be considered, it will definitely help maximize time when time is limited.

Just our two cents.

George & Marta Tamarac FL