Subject: Re: Drive from Zurich to Florence
Hi all.

Felice is debating whether to drive or fly from Zurich to Florence and, assuming a drive, trying to find the best route.

I can't comment on the route, save to suggest Como or other Lake City as a stopping off point. However, I would like to comment on her belief about flying "(on a teeny plane) from Zurich to Milan". First of all, Milan is some distance from Florence and she would need about a 3 hour train ride to Florence or another flight. I have not flown from Zurich to Florence, but I have flown from Paris (as an intermediate stop) to Florence and back.

There are two airports that serve Florence. One is local. Although the planes that fly in and out are not jumbo jets, they are not all that small, and it is possible to find out how large the plane is ahead of time. The airport is not far from the City Center, and there is some bus service, but a cab might be easlier with luggage.

An alternative is Pisa, which is a much larger airport and is well-served from major European cities. It can accomodate large planes. You can take a train from the airport to Santa Maria Novella station, which is in the heart of the city.

I mention this because I personally abhor the thought of driving in Europe, recognizing that there is a big difference between Northern and Southern Italy. Cleary YMMV. In particular, I have never heard a person say that parking is easy.

In any event, enjoy. We are going to our beloved Florence in November, but still have a bit of envy for someone going earlier.

Ira Bernstein Dallas, Texas