Subject: Re: Packing for a trip - bring a compass
Hello Fellow Travelers--

Frank and I traveled through Italy for 3 weeks with a packpack and one small weekender bag each. Didn't have to check anything. Also brought along one fabric bag rolled up for filling with goodies purchased along the way. Made a nice pillow as well.

We bought small guide books that contained a popup compass. The compass was a lifesaver--even without the guide books!! It's so easy to lose one's sense of direction walking the streets of Rome and Florence--or driving through the countryside as well! BTW, the guide books are called "______Inside Out." We bought the Rome and Florence books. Found the popup maps very useful as well.

Someone mentioned irons--from our experience, not every hotel had an iron. It's still worth asking when booking your hotel. Ditto for a hair dryer.

We did much more shopping than originally anticipated :) and used FedEx to send home many souvenirs and gifts. Whatever the expense, it was well worth it not trying to schlep everything as we made our way on trains, buses, etc.

Frank kept a daily log; and when it has been transcribed, we'll forward some of the highlights.

Sue and Frank McGowan Home for two weeks--suffering from serious gelato deprivation