Subject: Re: Haggis, oysters...
Ziners: Just today, after a few daily digests, I took the time to consult the dictionary and find out what this haggis is... It isn't really so arresting to me ( apart oatmeal among the ingredients). Here in Italy sheep's viscera are the basis for quite some delicacies, especially in southern Italy and Sardinia. And in Portugal, one of my favourite dishes is Arroz de sarrabulho, which is like an italian risotto seasoned with that same stuff.

Coming to oysters, I was stunned at reading that so many people in North America wouldn't even think of eating them. Is that just for the bacteria, or is the food itself that somehow is seen as unpalatable? Bacteria are likely to be denizens of shellfish in general and not only in oysters.As for the months without the "R", here in Italy the law requires that in every month shellfish and seafood in general can be sold only after sanitary controls, before and after harvesting. If they're raised in controlled waters and kept very cold until they come to your plate. then it's ok, although the official advice is to eat only cooked seafood. But for my taste, who would want to cook oysters ? Actually I can't eat any seafood now for dietary reasons ( too high in sodium), but I still remember about a couple of decades ago,when I splurged (although on a very tight travel budget) on oysters in Paris and, yes, in Seattle ( someone posted that there they've the best oysters in the world, I agree, and recall the vast choice of different qualities ).

Leonardo ITALY