Subject: Re: A week in Umbria June 2004
Johannes, you had a very nice tour, just right in limiting your area to Umbria this time. Thank you for your really special contribution to the Travelzine as our webmaster,too. You wrote:
>>>> Next morning we took the motorway down to Genova and followed the Ligurian coast down to Pisa. This spectacular street doesn't permit a high average travel speeed, but offers breathtaking views and is a great road. We admired the Italian road building capabilities!>>>>>

If I remember well,the stretch of motorway from Milan to Genova is the oldest in Italy and it dates back to 1935.It is a dangerous one, though, and more recent motorways are more artfully traced.What we really lack is an adequate system of motorways around the main cities like Milan or Venice. Ciao!