Subject: Road trip across the US
Hello, Ziners:

I posted here several months ago that we would need to deliver a car from upstate New York to my son near San Diego this summer. At the time it looked as if my daughter and her fiance would make the trip and get married in Las Vegas on the way.

Those original plans have fallen through, so it looks like my husband and I will be making the trip next month instead. We plan to drive through Cleveland and Chicago and pick up Route 80 going through Wyoming, Salt Lake City and on to San Francisco and then drive down the coast to San Diego and fly back to Albany, NY.

Neither of us have ever driven so far before, so I'd appreciate any tips I can get. How long should it take us? I'm thinking of making airline reservations two weeks from the day we leave. Is that realistic? Will it give us time to get off the Interstates and see the sights at all? We are both in our early sixties and don't have the stamina to drive ten or twelve hours a day. We will be on a tight budget. I'd like to camp, but know that my husband would not be well rested enough to drive safely if we did, so we'll need to stay at motels. It will be mid- to late- August so I'm concerned that we might have to make reservations ahead of time.

Also, any suggestions as to how to keep us sane? I'm someone who really needs my space but my husband isn't. I still vividly remember that my parents drove across country together in the 1950s and came home with tales about how they had gotten so mad at each other that on two occasions they actually spent the night at separate hotels.

That being said, I'm really excited about this trip. I've travelled across the US many times by train and plane but it's always been my dream to drive it.

Landra in upstate New York