Subject: Australia in November

My sister and I spent nearly 4 weeks driving all over Australia last December / January. While in Melbourne we visited the Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary which we found one of the best (most natural) animal exhibits we visited. It is to the east of Melbourne not far from the Yarra Valley. There were many large flight cages to walk through and to get close the the abundant number of birds in the display.

You don't mention Canberra, the capital of the nation, which we both found very appealing. Neither of us are big city gals, and Canberra was a great treat. Not too big, but all the amenities of a major city without the crowds. It is easy to get around and has many museums, government buildings, and botanical gardens. While in South Australia we visited several wineries, all with excellent wines to sample. Many of these were just a couple of hours drive to the east of Adelaide. You can look at our photos at

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