Subject: Re: Road trip across the US(long)
Dear Landra, GO FOR IT.

I have driven many 3000 mile road trips by myself so two can do more then you think. I have driven 6hrs to as much as 18 hours(to get home)in one day.It looks like San Diego is about 3000 miles from Albany. At 500 miles per day it would be 6 days to get from one point to the other. (500 miles at ave 65 miles per hour= 8 hrs.) So how much time do you want to take, to spend with your son? I am 60 and plan to drive to Colorado in one day 600 miles, 10 to 12 hours depending on how long I stop along the way. My rule, which I know is different then other people, is to STOP every 2 hours,walk around the park, go to the bathroom, eat beakfast, eat lunch, visit a local site, whatever.

I try to think of the journey, not getting to the final destination in one day. I like listening to books on tape, get more then the number you think you will listen too, since some books you will like and others you will pull out after listen for only a little while. Libraries have large selections of tapes and cds but don't get the abridged books after all you have plenty of time to hear all the words.

To save Money- research- Do you belong to AAA? Think about joining it or similar service. You can get discounts on meals, services, motels, and help in planning you route. What do you what to see, where do you what to eat, where can you get a budget motel. West of Chicago sometimes has different motels then east. There is motel 6, Motel 8, Best Western, Choice, Hampton Inn. I save money by having a cooler in the car with breakfast and another meal, snacks, fruit, junk. I usually eat lunch "out" and eat breakfast and dinner from cooler or from store. When I pack,I think of my trunk as the dresser and take only min stuff into the motels. Since you will be flying back you will have to plan accordingly, but a s.foam cooler could be used to bring back the books and souvenirs. Just ask, if there is any thing I can answer for you. Think fun and adventure, not "Are we there yet?"

Enjoy, Wilma from stormy K.C.