Subject: East Coast of Vancouver Island, BC Canada
Hi Ziners, I need some advice! My sister and brother will be flying out from the prairies (ie mid-west) for short driving tour up the coast and inland of the east side of Vancouver Island, from Courtney/Comox to Port Hardy and back down to Nanaimo. They are coming in one night, camping overnight, have the next day to drive it back to our house and leaving the next morning. My brother has indicated that he wants to stand in the ocean and feel the tide come in, my sister has no preferences and have left the rest up to me to plan.
>From a visitor's perspective, what do you consider are the "must sees" along this route? We are all really excited about it as this is the first time since at least 1980 that we have done anything together we were kids (no spouses, kids or even pets). We range in age from 39 to 48 and love the outdoors but are not into long hikes and are limited in that our car will not do gravel roads. Thanks for any tips! Donna Nanaimo, BC