Subject: Re: Road trip across the US
Landra: I've driven coast to coast a couple of times over the last 25 years having lived in California with family in Ohio. I have never had a problem with calling ahead at 2 or 3 PM in the afternoon to a town about 1 or 2 hours down the road. You can often stay at a series of chain motels and they are more than happy to book a room for you the next night a few hundred miles away. I've done this both in a car, and on my motorcycle. I have actually done US 80 from Ohio to San Francisco - but that was in 1979 so motels and cafes come and go and I can't help there. My last road trip though was only two years ago. I used the call ahead method, or booked from Chain Motel A to another of their locations at the town where I wanted to stay. I never did more than 400 miles a day, but at that rate on the freeway you can sightsee for an hour or two along the way each day and still get from coast to coast in a week. Most days plan your sightseeing in the middle of the day to break up the drive. For example if you are on the road at 8 am drive 210 miles at 70 that is just three hours. Stop, have lunch, do some sightseeing, fill the gas tank and drive another three hours and you are done for the day with time to see the new town where you will spend the night. Also be prepared for hot weather, and you will notice that you leave the eastern/midwest humidity behind about the time you get to mid Kansas. This may help you plan your schedule, and realize that a road trip isn't as daunting as when you think of driving 3,000 miles. Mary in Santa Maria CA