Subject: Re: Packing for a trip - bring a compass
Sue and ziners, I agree about the compass. I am leaving for Paris in the morning, alone, and I am directionally dyslexic, so I made sure I have a compass in order not to get lost in the helter skelter streets of Paris. I have one in a small lighted magnifier I carry with me, and I also have one in my walking stick that I got for *this* trip to Paris. I don't think my kids would have let me go unless I had this or a cane . My son said the first thing to remember when I get there is -- watch where I'm going so I don't break a leg again!

When I'm outbound on a trip, I have one larger suitcase to check and then one carryon. I pack a folding bag with wheels (lies flat) in my suitcase to use as my carryon on the trip back. Then I check the larger carryon I used going, along with the larger suitcase. The original carryon expands 3 inches in height, which makes it no longer suitable as a carryon, but it gives me the room to pack all my souvenirs.

I have a travel iron, but that means also bringing along an adaptor if I travel out of the U.S., so to take up less room, I bring a small bottle of wrinkle spray, which works pretty well. I also roll my clothes instead of folding, and they come out almost wrinkle free.

A bientot,

Diana San Diego, California