Subject: Re: Trip to Australia in November
Hi Terry,

I was in OZ for October last year.

Sydney is just another city imho. The one special experience there was sitting on the roof of my hotel at night and watching the bats from the Botanical gardens swooping and flying over the lights of mid-town. Shining and reflecting the lights of the city - it was a beautiful sight to see. If you like architecture, take the ferry to the zoo - even if you don't visit it, the views of Sydney, the bridge and the opera house from the ferry are worthwhile.

What do you like? Are you a nature lover? In that case a must see is Kangaroo Island available by flight or bus & ferry (my choice) from Adelaide.

Tasmania, available by flight from Melbourne or Adelaide is another essential for nature lovers. If you do visit Tassie, the best Italian restaurant that I ever ate in is the Ristorante Maldini in Hobart.

I am a total novice re snorkling, but was very disappointed in Moor Reef. Go anywhere but there!

Again as a nature lover I found the the Desert Park in Alice Springs marvelous. Arranged as long walks in the natural environment of different areas of OZ. Carry a water bottle with you!

The tropical Rainforest in Cairns is superb! Use the Skyrail cable car and stop to walk around and visit the different stations on the way up. The scenic train back down is a pleasant rest.

The Tjapukai Experience out of Cairns was interesting, but not nearly as good as the Tamaki Village experience in NZ, if you can get there too.

Re domestic flights and price: I found Virgin Blue great, especially if you fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday - their "mid-week madness" flights. Very cheap! As previously mentioned they only sell food on board, but since these are usually only 1 - 3 hour flights it is no real problem. They also do not object if you bring your own. Have fun!

Debbie - Israel