Subject: Re: Road trip across the US
Hi Landra,

Surrender to what unfolds and never resist because that will cause unnecessary tension between travel partners. I know its sometimes hard to do. I like to think of the mistakes we forever make on our road trips as happy accidents since they always bring us to places (or people) that we never would have found otherwise. Serendipity is one of my favorite travel pleasures!

Resist making reservations, except for a holiday. Later in August many kids are back in school and things slow down a bit. I have found the most incredible bargains on roadtrips when I just find a place wherever we end up, and conversely, I have paid an arm and a leg for rooms that others were getting at far better rates because I couldn't resist reservations! Last summer we stumbled into Painters Lodge and got a fabulous room for 69$ Can, but this year I could not resist making reservations for fear they would be sold out (which they assured me they most likely would be) and so I paid $150Can for the same room. They were hardly sold out and if only I had waited ( and trusted) I am certain we would have saved money. Sometimes the fun is in finding new places to stay, those happy navigation accidents always seems to present new possibilities when we least expect it so we learn to not argue and just let the trip unfold!

I think it is fun to have a focus on road trips--covered bridges, famous architectural homes, route 66, famous battle grounds, whatever interests you. Google it! You might look into following the Lewis and Clark Route since the bicentennial celebration is going on and there is much hoopla along the route! I know many who have traveled it in the last 6 months and it is supposed to be interesting and very educational. I can recommend books and more, just let me know.

Two weeks does not seem long enough for me to cross the country but this is really an individual preference. I tend to want see a lot of sites and hike around each place I visit, so my trips are as long as possible. I've yet to take a vacation that was "too long!" :)

Have a safe journey,

Amelia in Chatsworth