Subject: Boondocking Guide for Road Trips
Hi Ziners,

I thought I'd share this boondocking guide since we are discussing road trips:

Boondocking is (and i quote) :

"One dictionary defines boondocks as slang for rough backwoods or bush country. The term boondocking is synonymous with "dispersed" or "dry camping" and is used to describe camping in the midst of nature without the use of commercial campgrounds and hookups. The Boondocking Guide is dedicated to sharing experiences and knowledge about the many beautiful and interesting boondocking locations in North America, with special emphasis on western Canada, United States and Mexico. "

I hear a lot of Boondockers like to stay at Wal-Mart's since they welcome them, and are free! It is one way to cut down on expenses as long as you own an RV. Renting costs a fortune!

Amelia in Chatsworth