Subject: Re: Road trip across the US

Thanks so much. You've been very helpful. Much of what you said is what I needed to hear. I figure I'll gather all the information I can and then just go with the flow. We would dearly love to follow the Lewis and Clark Trail, but it would add too many miles to our trip. We have very dear friends in Cannon Beach, Oregon who have been very involved in the bicentennial and I would love to see them after having followed the trail. But, unfortunately, time does not permit it.

I am feeling heartened about the lack of need for reservations. The one reservation I will make -- this evening in fact -- is for our airline tickets from San Diego to Albany. I'm going to reserve for August 30th. And then we can start getting a sense of what we will and will not have time for. I know we can leave here no earlier than August 10th since that is when one of my sons will be available to take care of the dog. I also know that we don't need more than a couple of days with our son in California, since he was just home for two weeks. So I figure we could have as much as 18 days to get there, although I'm not sure we can afford 18 days on the road. Oh well, it's fun just thinking about it.

Thanks so much for your words of encouragement. BTW, where is Chatsworth?

Landra in upstate New York