Subject: Re: Road trip across the US
Hi Landra,

I am happy to help always! You asked about Chatsworth, here is more information than you might want but what the heck! Chatsworth is a suburb of Los Angeles, it's in the San Fernando Valley, right on the border of Ventura County. Chatsworth was named after the famous Chatsworth home in England. As early as the 1700's the Garbrielino Indians used this area because it had a large natural watering hole. Chatsworth is one of the oldest towns in the Los Angeles area, it was the first city in the San Fernando Valley to be established by English speaking people.

Most of the land here used to be owned by Tom Mix, who made many movies in the rocky hills of Chatsworth. Roy Rogers and Dale Evans also had property here. Many of the movies made here were done at Iverson Ranch in Chatsworth between 1912 and the late 1950s. The opening scene of every Lone Ranger episode was filmed in Chatsworth. Zorro was filmed in Chatsworth. More movies and TV shows were shot at Spahn Ranch in Box Canyon, which became the hangout of Charles Manson and his "family." During the 1940's Chatsworth became very popular with Hollywood stars who all build horse ranches here; then it was called the "Horse Capital of the World." Errol Flynn owned a hunting lodge here for years and you can see the dam he build at Browns Canyon right off the 118 freeway. That very same canyon used to be filled with Grizzly Bears. Mr. Ed lived right around the corner from me, you can see his "stall" used in the series still. Lucy and Desi lived here for years. The Chatsworth train depot was featured in Cecil B. Demille's 1913 film called "The Squaw Man."

Long ago, Los Angeles had the largest light rail system in the world! Here in Chatsworth, we were connected to Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles as early as 1912 when a Pacific Electric car extended west all the way to the Chatsworth Area via Sherman Way.

Chatsworth was, at one time, the only way to get to Los Angeles from northern parts along a road called the Santa Susanna Stagecoach Pass. Today you can still take the Santa Susanna pass but most people drive bikes across it rather than cars. Chatsworth High School regularly has the best baseball team in the whole country, the school is famous for this. Another distinction we have is as the "porn capital" of the world! Chatsworth generates more porn flicks than anywhere in the world, the movie Boogie Nights took place in Chatsworth!

I think that pretty much covers it!

Amelia in Chatsworth