Subject: US driving
Hi Ziners,

I forgot to mention my favorite organizational tip on driving across country.

I use a clip board and notebook paper but you could use a small notebook. I study the map carefully before leaving figuring out what route I want to take. Then I write down the numbers of the highways in order that I will be taking them in big numerals. I also write down names of larger towns that I will be passing through, with the highway numbers in big print. I do this because sometimes you come to a freeway sign that is the one you want to take but you don't know which direction to go because you aren't familiar with the town names. You might know you need to go south not north but the sign says east and west. If you know the name of the towns, then you can get it right in a flash and aren't scrambling around looking for a map.

That may be the biggest problem when driving with a companion. Arguing over which direction to take and when to stop for the night. My husband used to want to stop at a motel at the other end of town and I thought we should stop as we came into town. So doing it his way, because he would be driving, we would wait until the end of the town, no motels there so on to the next town, sometimes miles further down the road. Happened all the time and I would get so frustrated.

Do stock the cooler. Great way to save money on lunches.

Miriam - Oregon