Subject: Re: A tip for travel photographers
Hello Ziners:

Many many years ago I became acquainted with a fellow who could only be described as a perfect candidate for a part on the Sopranos. In a meeting I told him that Jan and I were going to a particular city for a long weekend. He told me (strongly suggested) to take the bus tour. I could not have imagined this goomba taking a bus tour. I had visions of the bus driver being offed because of some incorrect remark. As it turned out, it was terrific advice. We got a mini-tour of everything that we eventually wanted to see in the city. Since then when we arrive in a city which we have not visited previously, we take a bus tour to get our bearings and to plan our longer visits to certain sites. Take a map and check off the things at which you want to spend more time. Sure you look like a tourist for a day, but the tour is worth it.

Tom in the witness protection program in Carlisle.