Subject: Re: USA Roadtrip Planning Info
Hi Jennie!

The Triptiks were the main motivation for my parents joining the AAA back in the 60's and we've been members ever since. Essentially you tell the tour advisor at the AAA office where you want to go; if any side trips are involved; other considerations and they map out your route. They do this on sheets of maps that cover around 100-200 miles with exits and side roads shown and gas/food/lodging noted. They will stamp on the map sheets construction, speed traps, and other hazards. The sheets give approximate travel time. The sheets are spiral bound into a tablet and the route is also marked on a regular fold out map. The AAA has free tour guide books for the areas you're traveling through.

That's sort of a basic description. Happy to answer (or try to!) questions, etc.

Have a great trip

P. Miller N. Fla.