Subject: Re: USA Roadtrip Planning Info
Hi Jennie,

Being slightly technologically challenged, we've relied on Triptiks for over 30 years for road trips. Their system has changed a bit over the years and now you have to give about two weeks notice, and you no longer sit down with an advisor in your local office to plot and plan. This means you may have to adjust the mapped route given as they ask you for "from A to B to C .." and then plot best driving routes using major highways. I do miss the "Hey Martha, have you driven Route 87 recently?" hollered across the office. But I fear I date myself. They will attempt to route you around construction etc. or at least stamp a warning on the strip so you have a chance to plan a pit stop prior.

I do find their detailed strip maps invaluable in navigating around or through metropolitan areas particularly if you have to deal with several exchanges as these are clearly marked. And in BIG print. As someone else remarked what feels to be east, can be south on the road signage, and split second decisions are nerve wracking in heavy traffic. When we're towing a 27 ft. trailer, the driver gets a little testy if the navigator waffles! Also, each strip shows mileage and estimated time from point to point so they help with planning each day's driving time/distance.

AAA Tour Books are also a wonderful resource -- info on points of interest as well as rated/recommended lodging and restaurants. We've also had good success with those Roomsaver coupon books if we only want a spot to drop for the night. Many times motels/hotels in Roomsaver are clustered so you have a choice, and there will always be several restaurants nearby, often within walking distance.

BTW, I don't work for AAA/CAA just have found their services invaluable both at home and when travelling and well worth the price of membership.

Safe journeys, Anne, Burlington ON