Subject: Re: Galapagos
Hi Reggie and Ziners!

Just a quick add on about choosing a Galapagos cruise that we learned in our search and Sangay gave us as good advice. Pick a ship that goes the full 7 days, not a ship that has 2 cruises back to back--4 day and 3 day. The reason is that the ship will have to go back to the port to drop off and pick up new passengers and if one stays for the full 7 days then you really miss out on the comradeship you can have with everyone staying the full 7 days. Plus, you won't be able to do the islands too far from port because the ship has to return. Our 7 day was wonderful as we sailed to some of the farther islands and only needed to be back in port the following Wednesday! Also, a beautiful sailing ship which stayed with us in our 7 day sail was the Sagitta. We didn't get to speak to any of her passengers but it's just a thought. Good luck in your search!

Regards, Jane, Boca Raton