Subject: Re: Vancouver Festival of Light-fireworks
Dear Angie

We stumbled on the Vancouver Festival of Light quite by accident, about 6 or 7 years ago, and to this day we consider it to be one of our very best travel memories. We loved it. We did not attend the finale (at least I don't think we did) but the show was spectacular anyway.

We walked down to the beach area where the fireworks were set off (they are set from the water and face the beach area) and ate dinner at a casual Chinese restaurant before picking our spots on the grass. The crowd was huge, but well mannered and pleasant.

I think there was a hotel nearby, but we stayed a bit farther off, and had to walk for a couple of miles before getting out of the crowd and catching a taxi. It was a beautiful night and the 30 or 40 minute walk was pleasant.

I wish I could tell you more specific things, but I just wanted to encourage you to go. It is wonderful.

Debbie in Pittsburgh