Subject: Re: Train Travel
Hello Ziners,

We travel by train as much as we can.

In Russia we traveled a number of times between Moscow and St Petersburg, as well as between Rostov-on-Don to Moscow, Novgorod to St Petersburg, Moscow to Vladimir as well as a few other shorter trips.

In China short trips as well as Beijing to Moscow through Mongolia, Shanghai to Urumqi, Beijing to Kunming and Chengdu to Shanghai.

Malaysia, various short trips.

Iran, Tabriz to Tehran and Tehran to Kerman.

Turkey, Antakya to Ankara, Ankara to Istanbul and Istanbul to Erzurum in Eastern Turkey.

In India, trips out of Bombay to Aurangabad and Ahmadabad. Ahmadabad to Udaipur, Udaipur to Delhi. Trips out of Delhi to Agra, Jaipur and Gorkapur.

Romania, Bucharest to Constanta.

Pakistan, 3 weeks on a travel tour by train, starting in Karachi, going as far as Peshawar and Khyber pass as well as to the Afghan border at Chaman, near Quetta.

In Canada, a number of years ago, we took our family one time from Halifax to Vancouver.

Hope to do more train travel, some day.

Gary in Victoria.