Subject: Re: Roundabouts
Hello Drivers:

Massachusetts drivers have vast experience in roundabouts or, as they are called here, rotaries.

First, the vehicle in the rotary has the right of way. While you think that is automatic, think again. If a driver trying to enter the rotary makes eye contact with you, then you may have lost your priority and have to fight for dominance in the rotary. The entering driver who gained your eye contact may now think that you have had a momentary loss of confidence and try to enter the rotary usurping your statutorily given rights to priority. The legislature gave you your rights; do not lose them in a moment of weakness.

Second, any rented vehicle in which you are going to assert dominance should have full collision coverage. With that you can look at the entering the rotary offender with the complete confidence of a driver who is covered against those fools who think that they can best you in the rotary. Of course, in any collision you should make sure that you position the vehicle so you are hit rather than being hit. A little practice at home is recommended.

Third, use of the horn and appropriate gestures gives you the opportunity to express yourself in a way completely outside the formal instruction that Berlitz can provide. If you should lose ground in a rotary, the horn, the fingers and the throwing of a croissant may not necessarily regain the advantage, but it will give you a warm feeling that you have compensated for an initial lapse of skill.

Fourth, rent a car with plates from a country other than that which you are visiting. The other drivers will blame you driving lapses on the Germans if in France, the British if in any other country.

Fifth, as a previous poster stated you can stay in the rotary all day long while trying to decide which exit to take. The back seat drivers will eventually agree with the front seat navigator once the motion sickness sets in. The route taken may not be right, but it will be exciting nevertheless.

Tom with his tongue in cheek in Carlisle