Subject: Re: Buenos Aires Hotel
Hi Graziela,

No, I'm not locked into the Kempinski chain. They just looked good in my search and the reviews I read on various websites indicated they were good. They have 4 hotels in BA and their Park Chateau didn't get a good review so I eliminated it from the choices.

I chose them because they look pretty, seems like they're in the right location and they're offering a great deal. I can get 3 nights in a deluxe room, breakfast, private car transportation to/from airport, dinner (or lunch) one day in their restaurant and taxes for a total of $375.

The other hotels seem to be charging US rates - Alvear-$400, Sofitel- $275 - that I see no reason to pay given Argentina's current economic conditions. I was in BA a few days 13 years ago and stayed at the Claridge. Though I liked it, I want to stay in Recoleta on this visit.

Thank you so much for your recommendation on the Hotel Bel Air. That one didn't come up in my search. Can you tell me more about it - location, types of rooms, 3 or 4 star. etc?

I was hoping you'd see my message and jump in. Hope you're enjoying Montevideo. Thanks again for your input.

Candice NYC