Subject: Re: USA Roadtrip Planning Info
Hi Jennie and Ziners,

I disagree with some other Ziners regarding AAA. Be wary of trip tiks, they often route you via major highways rather then scenic byways. An example of this would be when we took the ferry from Victoria to Port Angeles (the only way to cross the border, IMHO) and wanted to go down to west coast of Washington to Astoria. Instead of routing us via Forks and Lake Quinalt, the most direct and scenic route, the trip tik told us to go via Sequim and the Hood Canal! Their route would have taken us hundreds of miles out of our way and although there isn't a highway in the state of Washington that isn't scenic, this route is much traveled while the other is less so.

AAA is valuable, particularly on road trips. Go to the office and order maps from every state--check how each state notates state scenic byways (they are all different)on the map and try to incorportate these in your planning. It is tricky ordering on the net, but you can. They do limit you to 6 ot 7 stopovers. I only use the trip tik service as a source of state maps. I don't care for their tour books because the information is limited and often incorrect. It is better to buy used books on or Amazon.

Amelia in Chatsworth

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