Subject: Alaska Dispatch #5 - from Prince Rupert, BC
Greetings -

Just got off the ferry at Prince Rupert. Picked up our vehicle and are now taking a short latte/email break at Java.Cup before heading out for Prince George. The ferry trip was mostly uneventful. Yesterday's highlight was seeing lots of whales! We must've gone through several pods. Even saw a breech (sp?), where the whale comes up out of the water and then throws itself back down again. Actually the whale did it twice, which was quite a treat. Mostly we relaxed and caught up on sleep. I was shocked last night when, after I finished my reading, I turned off the light and it was actually dark!

It's overcast today but not raining. Now that we've seen a bear, eagles, and whales, it would be fun to see a moose - as long as it's not in the middle of the road. :)

Till later, Cindy, currently in Prince Rupert, BC