Subject: Re: Roundabouts
G'day Ziners,

As a long-time user of roundabouts, I take them a bit for granted. however, there are a couple of oddities I can report -

Firstly, the region of Italy which I visit regularly was roundabout- free until about 15 years ago. Then a lovely big one appeared on the highway near my sister's village. It didn't strike me immediately, but the crazy thing about it was that the right-of-way was given to the JOINING traffic - ie, those on the circle had to stop for any vehicle approaching from a joining road. Even for Italy that was crazy. Needless to say, that has been reversed now, no doubt to the relief of the many drivers coming through from Austria & Switzerland.

Secondly, there are at least two roundabouts in UK which stagger the imagination. Known as magic roundabouts, in Cirencester, and one on the outskirts of Swindon. They do work, stangely enough to the casual observer, and apparently have reduced the accident rate greatly. Take a look at the Swindon one on and imagine how you might react if you came to it unexpectedly.

Cheers from Paul in Sunny Sydney (cool today, not surprising for mid-winter)