Subject: Re: Buenos Aires Hotel / Taxi
Hi Graziela,

A couple more questions......

Re: Taxi's in Buenos Aires I wasn't concerned about taxi's when leaving the hotel, but rather more concerned about getting one back TO the hotel. Is it okay to flag on the the street? Are they metered? Are there any scams I should be aware of? If we're at a restaurant/cafe/tango show late at night I don't want to have to be concerned for our safety getting back to our hotel.

I looked at the Bel Air on the web. One site said that the better rooms have "vertical jacuzzi's" in them. What are those? Also, the site said that most of the clientele is from Chile, Peru and Columbia. I don't speak a word of spanish.....would that be a problem at the Bel Air Hotel?

When you say you've heard nothing good about the Kempinski, do you mean you've heard BAD things about them?

Thanks, Candice NYC