Subject: Re: Roundabouts
Hi Ziners -- Roundabouts have been a hot topic in my neck of the woods lately. We live in a semi-rural area and a developer wants to put in a large strip mall at a busy intersection right by a school. The state department of transportation has proposed a roundabout as a safe solution to the problem of the busy intersection. Those opposed to the strip mall are asserting that roundabouts per se are unsafe. I'm opposed to the development, but actually must admit that I think roundabouts are safer than a 5-way intersection with traffic lights.

A follow-up note on Paul's roundabout in Italy -- the Village of Chatham, NY has what probably qualifies as a traffic circle rather than a roundabout, but it, too, is one where right-of-way is yielded to people entering the circle. No one knows how this got started. It can be a bit dicey when there are out-of-town drivers around.

Landra in upstate New York